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Quality Services with Stunning Results

Our professional staff works on a European Level System which measures both experience and years of dedication. Those at higher levels are more often educators and industry leaders who have established a higher client demand. A promotion to a new level is an opportunity for advancement. This encourages stability and allows our employees a chance to grow and prosper based on their years of loyalty and a commitment to their profession and clients. We try to provide artists at every level to best suit the individual needs of our guests. 

 Please Note All Services are Starting At Prices.


Hair Care


Body & Skincare Services

nail file

Nail & Foot Care Services

Eyelash Implants



Please note any appointments for services not cancelled within 24hrs prior to your appointment date will result in a 50% cancellation fee of all services scheduled that day. This fee must be paid prior to making another appointment. 


The premiere relaxation spot of the Treasure Coast

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